Merton's Vulnerable Adults Need Your Vote via Merton 


Merton Council is consulting residents on cuts to council services.

The big question is whether to increase Council Tax by 3.99% to raise £3million to protect council services against the worst of up to £20million cuts that are coming down the line. Half of this £3million would be spent solely on Adult Social Care, providing critical services for the most vulnerable members of our community.  


As a member of one of Merton's community organisations, more than most, you understand the need for quality council services. Cuts affect everyone, the more vulnerable members of our community most of all.

The Leader of the Council, Cllr Stephen Alambritis, has committed himself to implementing the outcome of the consultation. But unless we tell him what we want, it will not happen. 
This is Britain in 2016. We are not an impoverished country. We can afford to spend a little more to protect essential services, for our elderly, for the infirm, for those with physical or mental disability, for our chlldren, for everyone.

A 3.99% increase in council tax costs the equivalent of half a pizza, once a month. It will raise £3million for essential services.

If you have already registered your vote, then thank you. If not, just click on the "Vote Now" button and with one minute of your time you can tell Merton's Councillors that you care. 


Vote Now -

The "Vote Now" button takes you to Merton's online voting. Once you click on it, if you are short of time, scroll down to Next, skip to the Post Code screen and enter it, then skip through to the 'Increase my Council Tax' screen, check the box, click on Next, and you are done.
Then please forward this email to your friends and family living in Merton.

The consultation ends on 4 November 2016.