Press Release: Merton Communities Support Local Disabled People and Older People



Over 80 per cent of Merton residents have called for Merton Council to make Adult Social Care their number one spending priority following a recent consultation. After last year’s devastating cuts to services for disabled people and older people in Merton, this result is testament to local people’s desire to see the Council live up to its “July Principles”.

The people have spoken, it is now up to the Council to implement the outcome of the Borough’s biggest consultation in recent years, said Merton Centre for Independent Living (Merton CIL).

The publication of the consultation results shows that residents have chosen to overwhelmingly support services for disabled people and older people, and for an increase in Council Tax to provide these services.

“We welcome this outcome. At times it can feel very lonely when talking to the local authority about the crisis facing local disabled people. However, this consultation shows that our local communities listen to and understand our concerns. We hope that Merton Council will now listen to the voice of the people and feel empowered to prioritise spending on essential services for disabled people and older people in Merton” said Lyla Adwan-Kamara, CEO of Merton CIL

Traditionally, local councillors have felt that top priority issues are street cleanliness and waste collection, but local residents have clearly said that actually, social care services for older people and disabled people, as well as services for children, are more important. In fact, over three quarters of residents have supported the need to increase Council Tax in order to keep local services, especially social care, viable. Nearly half of residents supported a maximum increase of 3.99%, which is equivalent to about 12 pence a day for the average household.

These results are particularly important because Merton is one of only a handful of local authorities who didn’t increase Council Tax this year to support Adult Social Care services, despite an emerging nation-wide crisis in social care. The results are also important because at times the messaging around the consultation, and the emergence of a rival consultation, was pretty divisive and seemed aimed at encouraging local residents not to support a Council Tax increase.


Official headline consultation findings are available here:

You can read Merton CIL’s full consultation response here



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