The Mayor of London and London Assembly Elections – Your vote is important, use it!

On May 5th 2016, Londoners will get a chance to have their say in electing the next Mayor of London and Greater London Assembly members.

There are 1.2 million Disabled people in London and the London elections are a good opportunity to get our issues on the agenda. We remain one of the most excluded groups in the city, therefore it is important that Disabled people take part in the London elections and get our voices heard.

The needs of disabled people and the issues that matter most to them are often overlooked by politicians and policy-makers. In the current climate when, for the first time in the history of social policy, things are getting worse for Disabled people, it is more important than ever that our voices are heard. No vote, no voice.

The incomes of Disabled Londoners fell by 29% over the five years from 2007/8 to 2012/13 – double the equivalent figure for non-Disabled Londoners. Meanwhile Disabled Londoners experience inequality in every area of our lives such as housing, education and transport.

The Mayor of London and Greater London Assembly have significant powers that can address disadvantage and enable Disabled Londoners to participate as active citizens in the life of the capital city. (via Inclusion London)

Who you can vote for:

Sadiq Khan – Labour Partysa

“London gave me the chance to go from the council estate where I grew up to helping run a business and serving as Transport Minister. I’m running for Mayor to give all Londoners the same opportunities that our city gave me. I’ll be my own man. I have the right values, experience and vision to tackle the Tory housing crisis and be a Mayor for all Londoners.”

The council estate boy who will fix the housing crisis

  • Giving Londoners – not overseas investors – first dibs on affordable new build homes.
  • Making renting more affordable and protecting the green belt.

The bus driver’s son who will put an end to Tory fare hikes

  • Freezing all TfL fares for four years, in a fully funded plan, protecting investment and improving services.
  • Bringing in a new, one-hour bus ticket called “The Hopper” and improving suburban rail services.

The British Muslim who will take on extremists

  • Keeping Londoners safe will be Sadiq’s top priority – he will challenge the extremists who threaten our safety.
  • Bringing back real community policing and tackling knife crime.

The business experience to help firms succeed

  • Creating new jobs, training Londoners in the skills our economy needs and protecting space for businesses.
  • Ensuring more Londoners are paid the London Living Wage and that it reflects the cost of living.

The family man who will make London a better place to live

  • Taking real action to cut pollution and make cycling safer.
  • Protecting the Freedom Pass and supporting all of London’s communities.


zac_goldsmith_037_copyZac Goldsmith – Conservative Party

Standing up for a Greater London! Only with a strong economy, competent management and a constructive relationship with the Government can the Mayor get things done for London. Zac Goldsmith is the only candidate who can work with this Government to secure the funds and powers needed to deliver his Action Plan for Greater London.

Zac’s Action Plan for Greater London

Over the next four years if elected as Mayor I will work with the Government to:

Start fixing London’s housing crisis by:

  • Doubling home building to 50,000 a year by 2020 and ensuring development is in keeping with the local area
  • Giving Londoners the first chance to buy new homes built in London
  • Ensuring a significant proportion of all new homes are only for rent and not for sale

Improve the capacity and reliability of London’s transport system by:

  • Ensuring the Night Tube goes ahead, starting Crossrail 2, and growing the rail network
  • Bringing suburban rail services under the Mayor’s control   to increase and improve the service
  • Protecting the Freedom Pass

Improve London’s living environment by:

  • Protecting the green belt from development
  • Tackling air pollution with tougher rules on HGVs, and encouraging greener vehicles and safer cycling
  • Creating more green spaces and cleaning up local parks   so they are safe to visit and enjoy

Make London’s streets safer by:

  • Protecting neighbourhood police teams and keeping them on the street
  • Tackling the root causes of crime in local communities
  • Putting more police on public transport at night


IMG_1080Caroline Pidgeon – London Lib Dems

#CarolineCan … sort out London’s housing

As Liberal Democrat Mayor for London, Caroline Pidgeon will build 200,000 new homes.

Caroline will crack down on rogue landlords, ban unfair letting agent fees and give tenants more rights when their landlords sell up.

#CarolineCan … make London safer

As Liberal Democrat Mayor for London, Caroline Pidgeon will put 3,000 more police on our streets.

Caroline will break the cycle of violent crime by placing youth workers in A&E departments and set up educational projects in schools.

#CarolineCan … give children a great start

As Liberal Democrat Mayor for London, Caroline Pidgeon will expand wraparound childcare, train more childminders and offer more after school support. This will give real help to hard pressed parents.

#CarolineCan … make transport work for us

As Liberal Democrat Mayor for London, Caroline Pidgeon will introduce half price fares before half seven on all tube, DLR, Overground and TfL Rail journeys. She has costed popular plans for a one hour bus ticket.


Information Booklet

Starting from mid-April 2016, all Londoners who are registered to vote will receive an information booklet in the post. The booklet will include mini-manifestos from the Mayoral candidates*, lists of candidates/parties standing in the London Assembly contests and information on how to vote.

Download the information booklet.

If you would like to receive the booklet in large-print or braille / 020 7983 4444

You can listen to an audio version of the booklet on SoundCloud or listen below.


*Each candidate was given the chance to put a mini-manifesto in this booklet. 10 candidates chose to do so and paid £10,000 towards the booklet’s cost. This is the amount required by law. Lots were drawn to decide the order in which the mini-manifestos appear in this booklet.

Information for carers & people with a disability

Everyone should have their say on 5 May 2016; having a disability should not be a barrier to participating in the elections for the Mayor of London and London Assembly.

There are a number of options to help those with a physical or learning disability cast their vote. Voters may request a postal vote or a proxy vote, where someone votes on their behalf according to their wishes. Help will also be available at polling stations, including large print ballot papers, Braille tactile voting devices and assistance from polling station staff.

Below you can find further information and an ‘easy read’ guide to voting for those with learning difficulties.


Figges Marsh By-Election

The Figges March by-election will take place on the same day as the London mayoral elections, on Thursday 5th May 2016.

The seat has been vacant since the sudden resignation of Labour councillor Peter Walker on March 2 in protest to the cuts to adult social care.

The five candidates campaigning to replace him are:

  • Mike Brunt (Labour Party)
  • Hamna Qureshi (Conservative Party)
  • Rachel Waitt (London Liberal Democrats)
  • Penelope Homer (Green Party)
  • Andrew Mills (UK Independence Party)