Disability Hate Crime Prevention

Our Work Challenging Discrimination  


If you are experiencing disability hate crime, get in touch with your issue today and we will arrange an appointment with our skilled caseworker. We are also working to raise awareness in Merton and conducting social policy work in relation to disability hate crime. Our work will only cover the tip of the iceberg, but we hope that it will be a start, and that our partners in the community will work with us to address this invisible epidemic of hate against disabled people.

You can also see more information on hate crime support services and organisations here - https://www.mertoncil.org.uk/useful-information/chapter-4-hate-crime-informa/ 

Reporting a Hate Crime 

If you want to report a hate crime direct to the police, you can call 101 or use their online reporting form https://secure.met.police.uk/hatecrime_national/index.php?rid=2924  


Our Pan London Disability Hate Crime Work  

We are working with Inclusion London and Stay Safe East on a pan London Disability Hate Crime Project, which you can read more about here - Pan-London Deaf and Disabled People’s Hate Crime Partnership Briefing


Our Disability Hate Crime Toolkit

The purpose of this evaluation handbook is to support Deaf and Disabled Organisations (DDPOs) to evaluate and measure the impact of their work with specific focus on Disability Hate Crime. Hate Crime is on the increase so it is important that DDPOs have a framework in order to effectively evaluate outcomes.

 The handbook will provide DDPO’s with recommendations on the evaluation of Hate Crime and why it is important. It will support you to answer key planning questions and is broken down into two key questions. Firstly, Telling the story of your work provides a step-by-step breakdown of how to develop clear and measurable outputs, outcomes and indicators to prepare for an evaluation that can evidence the way in which your work has created change.  Secondly, Collecting evidence provides guidance on selecting and using data collection tools, as well as some top tips for data collection. This will be achieved by providing a number of examples of evaluation methods that can be used to gather evidence of service need, identify gaps in service provision or support the development of service planning. 

You can read the toolkit here - Merton CIL - Evaluating Disability Hate Crime, A Handbook for Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations – October 2020


Our Social Policy Work Around Hate Crime

Disability Hate Crime Progress Report 2020 - You can read our new report 'Starting to Stop It' here - https://mertoncil.org.uk/services/speaking-up/disabililty-hate-crime-in-mert/


Our research into Disability Hate Crime 2016 - We commissioned Stay Safe East (http://staysafe-east.org.uk/) to conduct research for us into the scale of Disability Hate Crime in Merton. Thank you to London Borough of Merton who funded this work.



The key findings

Hate Crime In Merton Infographic            Hate Crime Key Finds Infographic


You can read the executive summary here - Making it Stop - Tackling Hate Crime - Executive Summary

You can read the full report here - Making it Stop - Tackling Hate Crime - Full Report 2016

You can also read the easy read version of the Hate Crime report here - Merton CIL Easy Read Hate Crime Report