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Craftivism & Chat - Well Being Catch Up - Vaccination Q&A


Craftivism & Chat March 2021 - Managing Social Care Issues

Craftivism & Chat  - Bigging Ourselves Up


AGM 2020 - Chair's Report

Connect & Do Drama Workshop

A drama performance staring Merton CIL that highlights how the pandemic has affected Deaf and Disabled people. 

PIP Health Assessments - A Peer Review

Our Independent Living Series 

We made this series of films to explore what Independent Living means to our members





Our Stories 

We made this series of short films to support our service users to speak up about their experiences as Disabled people.

Edith's Story



Slim's Story 


Francoise's Story 


Raquel's Story 

#Here2Stay - Merton CIL 10th Anniversary Short Film

John Kelly - Performance of The Winds of Change Will Come at Merton CILs 10th Anniversary Party

Merton CIL 10th Anniversary Videos

 Trustee Slim Flegg


London Borough of Merton Strategic Partnership Programme



Merton Stops Hate - BSL Video 

Helping Disabled People Speak Up About the Regeneration of Estates in Merton - BSL



I'm Edwina - What Does Independence Really Mean? (Subtitled)


This is the first short film in a series of films exploring what Independent Living really means to our members living in the London Borough of Merton in the UK. Visit for more info & please share & subscribe to our channel and see other films as they get put up. Thanks for watching!

(Note: If you can't see the subtitles make sure to click on the subtitle icon on the bottom left of the screen).


My Voice Matters - My Future Matters 2016

Subtitled version coming soon



Siobhain Mcdonagh mentions Merton CIL in Parliament 


Siobhain Mcdonagh has spoken in parliament about the need to reform ESA and PIP assessments. In her speech she drew on the important work of Merton Centre for Independent Living, which has conducted extensive research into the intrusiveness of ESA and PIP assessments. via


Newsflash from Merton CIL! 



Did you know Merton Council London Borough of Merton is asking residents about council tax and council spending. But are they giving residents the full story?


There is doubt this is a fair consultation and that it doesn't provide the full facts or the impact of not increasing the council tax. This video attempts to re-balance the bias information put out on the consultation. Apologise for the lack of subtitles at this time.


 Top Tips for Making Change Happen 


Created at our My Voice Matters event in 2015 

Starring: Jackie Schneider, Doug Paulley, Gay Bennett Powell, Councillor David Chung, Dominic Twomey, Claire Benjamin and Kevin Caulfield

With Subtitles


No Go Britain: disabled public transport access - Channel 4 News 


Starring: Gina Vettese (Vice Chair of Merton CIL) 

Ask any disabled person about public transport and you're virtually guaranteed to hear a horror story. Whether it's taxis charging disabled passengers higher fares, people trapped on trains, or just plain old inaccessible stations. Throughout 2012 this programme revealed the trouble of simply getting around when you're disabled.


SW Londoner: Coverage of our EU Referendum Event 


Coverage of our EU Referendum Event From 8:14


Circle Housing Merton Priory Community Fund



Starring CEO Lyla Adwan-Kamara, Chair Roy Benjamin and Trustee Sarah Henley from 5:31


Sarah by Ian Bellinger 



Sarah has cerebral palsy. She lives her full and active life in a wheelchair. She lives independently and does not (usually) sit at home and watch "Neighbours".


Disability Snowsport UK 


Our Trustee Sarah Henley features in a video for Disability Snowsport UK