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Annual General Meeting 2015

World Food Bring and Share, and Annual General Meeting 29th September 2015

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Time: 11am – 1pm. Venue: Merton Vision, The Guardian Centre

At Merton CIL we want to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our members, volunteers, and staff. As part of our Annual General Meeting we’re inviting everyone to “bring and share” their favourite dish. Whether it’s rice and peas or sticky toffee pudding, bring something along to share with your fellow members for lunch after the formal business. Plus! Come and meet the staff and trustees and find out what we’ve been up to over the past year at Merton CIL.

Mayor of Merton’s Charity Calendar Competition

In the Summer of 2015 the Mayor of Merton, Councillor David Chung, launched a competition to design pages for his 2016 Charity Calendar. The Competition is now closed, but you can buy the amazing calendars for just £5 from the Mayor’s office, from Merton CIL offices, or from the Fayre and Square volunteer shop in Centre Court Shopping Centre, Wimbledon. Find out more here


The Merton CIL Sponsored Walk

We raised over £2,000 at our sponsored walk in June 2015 and we're very grateful for the support of everyone who took part as walkers, volunteers, spreading the word or donating!

Read more about the walk here

Quiz Your Parliamentary Candidate Events – What Did They Say? 2015 

On 9th March 2015 Merton CIL, Merton Seniors Forum, Merton Mencap and Age UK Merton invited the main General Election 2015 candidates for Mitcham and Morden to answer questions from you, on the issues you care about. On 9th April 2015 we invited the Wimbledon candidates to be quizzed by our members too.

The quiz the candidates 'Hustings' events for Mitcham and Morden was run on Monday 9th March 2015 from 1.30pm to 3.30pm at The Vestry Hall, Mitcham. Scroll down for a summary, or read more about it here

Mitcham and Morden Hustings Map and Directions

The quiz the candidates 'Hustings' event for Wimbledeon was was run on Thursday 9th April 2015 from 10.30am to 12.30am at Holy Trinity Church, Wimbledon. Scroll down for a summary or read about it here

Wimbledon Hustings Map and Directionsv2

All candidates were issued guidelines for candidates these ahead of the events, and all attendees got a hustings agenda and ground rules  when they arrived on the day.

You can read the documents below:

Guidelines for Candidates

Hustings agenda and ground rules

Registration Drive

Our registration drive was linked with Operation Disabled Vote and in 2 hours outside the Civic Centre we spoke with 223 people, helped 10 people to register, and gave registration forms to another 11 people to complete later. 5 people we spoke to refused point blank to register as they didn't want to vote and didn't think it was worthwhile. We found it worrying that 12% of the people we spoke to on the day weren't registered to vote. You can register to vote on the following link here.

There are some photos from the day taken by Merton Council, here.

Press coverage

There was some local and national press coverage including:

Wimbledon Guardian article about the Mitcham and Morden Hustings here

Disability News Service Coverage of Mitcham and Morden Hustings here

South West Londoner article on Wimbledon Hustings here

South West Londoner article on our drive to get people to register to vote here

Summary of Mitcham and Morden Hustings

58 people turned out to hear what the candidates had to say.

The candidates covered a lot of ground in their initial speeches, with some of the audience feeling they spoke too fast. It was noticeable that there was almost as much blaming each others' policies and record, as there was setting out what each of the parties would actually do. However, when it came to the questions from the audience, several people commented that it was hard to tell much difference between the candidates. "The differences are paper thin" said one audience member.

Lots of questions were asked of the candidates ranging from issues of accountability, housing, education, health, slavery, social care, benefits, employment, coalition plans, sovereignty of Parliament and changes to the Independent Living Fund.

Candidates all planned to integrate health and social care but none would commit to universal social care free at the point of use, while still insisting the NHS would remain free. None of the candidates made a commitment to Save the ILF.

2/3 of people who attended the hustings said they now feel better informed about the candidates and their policies.

Find out more about what was said at the Mitcham and Morden hustings here

Summary of Wimbledon Hustings

73 people attended this event which led to some people having to stand as there wasn't enough room!

Candidates covered a range of issues in their speeches with most focusing on justice,  austerity, social issues and disability as they tried to anticipate the audiences' interests. There was also a strong focus on local issues which were almost on a par with national issues in candidates' speeches and their responses to questions.

Questions were extremely wide-ranging from Trident, TTIP, education, hate crime, to the integrity of MPs. There was considerable focus on austerity and candidates’ plans for disabled people, as well as plans around mental health. A number of questions asked about the future of the Independent Living Fund with the audience seemingly getting frustrated as it was difficult to pin the candidates down to concrete answers. The only candidate to commit to saving the ILF was the Green candidate.

80% of people who attended the hustings said they now feel better informed about the candidates and their policies, although, as one person said, "better informed, yes, but I didn't like what I heard".

Find out more about what was said at the Wimbledon Hustings here

Panel Discussion on the Experience of Disabled People from BME groups 19th March 2015

This is a learning and information sharing event for:

  • Anyone interested in the topic or wanting to share their experience
  • Disabled organisations who want to ensure they are accessible across all ethnic groups
  • BME-focussed organisations to increase their understanding of the experience

Find out more here (under construction)

My Voice Matters 2014!

‘My Voice Matters: My Inclusion Matters’ was the third annual debate hosted by Merton Centre for Independent Living. We explored issues which our members and service users had highlighted during the past year, and worked together to identify potential solutions around inclusion and access in Housing, Employment, Health and the built Environment.

Read more about the event here

Sing for your Supper and Annual General Meeting 2014

Under construction here

My Voice Matters 2013!

‘My Voice Matters: Listen to My Demands’ was the second annual debate hosted by Merton Centre for Independent Living. We asked deaf and disabled people in Merton to come and have their say on the issues that matter to them. The main issues covered were Access and Inclusion, Education, Welfare and Housing, and Employment.

Read more about what happened on the day here

Tea Dance and Annual General Meeting 2013

We enjoyed our Tea Dance with members, as well as the formal business of our AGM.

Read more about it here (under construction)

My Voice Matters 2012!

Over 50 people joined us at the first in the series of 'My Voice Matters' debates hosted by Merton CIL December 2012

Listen to the debate here (links to external website):

My Voice Matters Debate Introduction and Transport Debate -

My Voice Matters Welfare Debate and Close -

Friday 7th December 1pm - 5pm at Drake House 44 St George's Road, SW19 4ED

We had our say on Transport issues in Merton, and on Welfare Reform

Met representatives from Transport for All, Merton Bus Garage, Disability Rights UK and the Department for Work and Pensions

Plus enjoyed wonderful music by musician & disability rights campaigner John Kelly, catering by Merton Mencap, and artwork supplied by Merton Mencap, Wimbledon Guild Art Group, Merton Adult Eduction Art Group and Merton Vision Art Group



Celebrating Independent Lives Roadshow 2012

In December 2012 we ran a roadshow around Merton to let people know our plans for Merton CIL, and get to meet people.

Read about our roadshow here


Our First Annual General Meeting 2012

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